• by William Mougayar
    Venture advisor, 4x entrepreneur, marketer & strategist. I live in Toronto, curate a lot, blog a bit, and help startups.

Taking a page from the famed Michelin-starred system for rating high-end restaurants, here’s a list with our own star rating. This is purely based on qualitative factors: quality, consistency, frequency, thought leadership and operational advice that is relevant to the entrepreneur.

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This is a very selective list. If you’re on it, you are lucky, but you’ve earned it. This is the creme de la creme. We review this list constantly, so it’s subject to changes constantly. Leave us a comment if we missed a stellar site.┬áThis list is not wiki-editable.

  • one star: A very good blog, worth a reading detour.
  • two stars: Excellent content, worth remembering and visiting often.
  • three stars: Exceptional content, a reading destination, follow their advice.

Mougayar's Startup Blog List

VC3 starsAVCFred Wilson
VC3 starsBoth Sides of the TableMark Suster
VC3 starsFeld ThoughtsBrad Feld
Entrepreneur3 starsRand FishkinRand Fishkin
Entrepreneur3 starsOnStartupsDharmesh Shah
Company3 starsKissMetricsKissMetrics Blog
VC3 starsAbove the CrowdBill Gurley
VC3 starsChris' blogChris Dixon
VC3 starsBen's blogBen Horowitz
VC3 starsMarc's blogMarc Andreessen
Pundit1 starThe Monster in Your HeadJerry Colona
VC1 starThis is going to be bigCharlie O'Donnell
VC3 starsContinuationsAlbert Wenger
Entrepreneur2 starsInstigatorBen Yoskovitz
VC2 starsRedeye VCJosh Kopelman
Pundit3 starsSteve BlankSteve Blank
Pundit2 starsStartup Lessons LearnedEric Ries
Company3 starsHubSpotHubSpot
Company2 starsInside IntercomIntercom.io
Pundit3 starsSaaStrJason Lemkin
VC2 starsAndrew ChenAndrew Chen
Entrepreneur2 starsWil ReynoldsWil Reynolds
VC3 starsFor EntrepreneursDavid Skok
VC2 stars
Mendelson's MusingsJason Mendelson
VC2 starsBijan SabetBijan Sabet
VC2 starsFred DestinFred Destin
Entrepreneur1 starStartupCFOMark MacLeod
VC2 starsDavid G. CohenDavid Cohen
Company1 starCopybloggerCopyblogger
Multi-author1 starStartupNorthStartupNorth
VC2 starsGothamGalJoanne Wilson
Entrepreneur2 stars
Howard LindzonHoward Lindzon
VC2 sarsJohn's blogJohn O'Farrell
Pundit1 starUp and Running BlogUp and Running Blog
VC3 stars500 StartupsDave McClure
Multi-author3 starsFirst Round ReviewFirst Round REview
Multi-author2 starsCapital Network MagazineCapital Network Magazine
Multi-author1 starMixergyMixergy
Pundit2 starsChiefmartecScott Brinker
VC2 starHunter WalkHunter Walk
Pundit2 starsAsh MauryaAsh Maurya
Pundit3 starsPlatforms and NetworksTom Eisenmann
Entrepreneur2 starsVenture HacksNivi & Naval
Entrepreneur1 starDan MartellDan Martell
Entrepreneur1 stara smart bearJason Cohen
VC2 starsVersion OneBoris Wertz
VC2 starsex post factoTomasz Tunguz
VC2 starsJeff's blogJeff Jordan
VC2 starsPeter's blogPeter Levine
VC2 starsScott's blogScott Weiss
VC1 staraweissman.comAndrew Weissman
Pundit2 starsStartup ProfessionalsMartin Zwilling
Pundit3 starsBlake MastersBlake Masters
VC3 starsPaul Graham EssaysPaul Graham
Entrepreneur2 starsStartup BoyNaval Ravikant
VC1 starInfochachkieJohn Greathouse
Entrepreneur1 starDave MorinDave Morin
Multi-author2 starsAsk the VCAsk the VC
VC2 starsVC AdventureSeth Levine
VC2 starsBrycedotvcBryce Roberts
Entrepreneur2 starsOnly Once BlogMatt Blumberg
Pundit1 starQuick SproutNeil Patel
VC1 star200 Ventures Blog200 Ventures
Entrepreneur3 starsStartup MarketingSean Ellis
Pundit3 starsSeth GodinSeth Godin
Pundit1 starNir and FarNir Eyal
Company1 starGet ClarityClarity.fm
VC2 starsInformation ArbitrageRoger Ehrenberg
Multi-author2 starsMixergyMixergy
Pundit2 starsGrowthBrian Balfour
VC1 starMcInBlogRyan McIntyre
VC3 starsReid HoffmanReid Hoffman
Pundit2 starsHaywireSemil Shah
Company3 starsMoz BlogMoz
Pundit2 starsPlatform ThinkingSangeet Paul Chowdery