• by William Mougayar
    Venture advisor, 4x entrepreneur, marketer & strategist. I live in Toronto, curate a lot, blog a bit, and help startups.

There is a method to every madness. Here’s what you need to know about how we’ve organized the content at Startup Management. We’ve got something for you if you’re into Reading, Contributing, Researching or Participating.


1. The Blog / Main Page
This is where you’ll find our original content.

2. Top 100 Blogs Aggregate
Aggregated list of the latest posts from the most important blogs that are covering the startup world. Go there often, and you won’t miss anything from the top VCs, pundits, entrepreneurs and company blogs. This is a very selective list. If you’re on it, you are lucky, but you’ve earned it. This is the creme de la creme. We review this list constantly, so it will be subject to occasional change. Leave us a comment on that page if we missed a stellar site.

3. Submitted Articles
These articles are submitted by readers like you. They are typically from outside of the top 100 Blogs, but they are very solid articles. Not everyone writes daily, but there are gems on this list. Drag the Bookmarklet (Submit to SUM) to your browser to submit any web page you see that’s useful. This is a very similar process to Inbound.org or HackerNews.


1. Submit an article for the Library
As you encounter great articles about managing, running, growing and scaling a startup, please contribute them by sending us the link, via 3 ways: a) use the bookmarklet, b) enter the info via the simple form on that same page, c) email it to submit@startupmanagement.org. You don’t need to register in order to Submit an article, but if you are logged in, your name will appear next to the submission.
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2. Editing the Wiki
Once you have registered on the site, you’ll be able to edit any Wiki page. You can edit an existing page or add a new one. You get to the Wiki on a term by term basis, after you’ve found the term in the A-Z Lexicon.


1. A-Z Lexicon
Alphabetical listing of keywords, with links to a full Wiki page (works-in-progress). This includes key articles related to each keyword or issue.

2. Articles Library

These are the gems of content that we hand select daily. We index them very carefully, so you can search or browse them via one of the 46 Category Tags. You can also Submit an Article for our consideration, and it will appear after it is approved.


1. Commenting in the articles
The discussions are always more fun and valuable when there are lots of comments. Let’s have an online community of smart people that make each other even smarter.

2. Tell your friends
Promote, promote, promote…. Tell your friends, employees, partners, VC’s, etc. If you like Startup Management, help us a little with a bit of social love, word of mouth, emailing your friend, etc.