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The Who’s Who List In ICO Service Providers

At one of my last keynote presentations in Zurich last week, as soon as I popped this slide up, almost half the audience lifted their smartphone to snap a picture.

ICO Service Providers

For the past 2 months, I have been collecting a list of companies that offer services related to ICOs, and I’m sharing it today in the same sheet as the Ultimate List of ICO Resources that I published last March 2017.

The list is in no particular order except that I’ve added the country of origin. That data point is almost insignificant when it comes to service delivery since the ICO process is global by nature. Nonetheless, it is interesting to note where these businesses are originating from. This list is updated from my presentation last week in Zurich, and now has 28 entries. The US leads with 10 entries, followed by Russia (5) and Switzerland (4).

What types of services do these companies offer? Quite a variety. It is worthy to note that not a single provider offers all of these services, so you need to shop around and select what you need.

A to Z List of ICO Services

  • Acceleration Services
  • Bounties Management
  • Custodial/Escrow Services
  • Customized Sales Portal
  • Exchanges Listings (not recommended)
  • ICO Strategy & Planning
  • Influencers Outreach
  • Investment Services
  • KYC/AML Process
  • Marketing
  • Online Community Building
  • Order Book Building
  • Post-sale Audits
  • Pre-sales On-Boarding
  • Press/Public Relations
  • Reporting and Analysis
  • Secure (multi-sig) Wallet Services
  • Technical Audits
  • Token Distribution
  • Token Economics
  • Token Issuance
  • Tokenholders Relations
  • Translation Services
  • Treasury Management
  • Underwriting
  • Whitepaper Assistance

Who are the brave companies that are providing these services? Here is the alphabetical list.

A to Z List of ICO Service Providers





Argon Group


Bitcoin Suisse












Cointree Capital




CryptoAsset DG




Element Group


ICO Marketing










Smart Valor


Token Agency






Transform Group


Validity Labs


Vanbex Group








This list has been added to the original (openly shared) spreadsheet I created a few months ago, titled ICO Resources by William Mougayar. Feel free to make additions or add comments there.

Yes, it’s a whole new world.

Disclosure: I have formal relationships with Cofoundit and Coinlauncher, but didn’t highlight them in any peculiar way versus the other players.

  1. @Cryptofon (t.me/cryptofon)

    Thanks a Lot, Willam, great list! A bit of description will bi fine!

  2. awaldstein

    Useful though cross reference to service to provider would have been helpful.

    Need to say that the naval gazing of ICO fangirls/boys is very similar to that of wine.

    All mentions of it draw a host of thumbs up often without much thought to the referring article.

    A ‘never a day that wine, or cats, or blockchain or an ico’ couldn’t make better are all in the realm of Hallmark today.

    Believe in the blockchain as a building block, and tokens as a behaviors connector in communities but such a lot of noise by those who know not much is intresting and history repeating itself.

  3. Luc Falempin

    tokeny.com from Luxembourg as well

  4. jason wright

    Which one does what?

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  10. Alison Tyler

    Hello there.

    Would be great if you could review and list Alpha Bet as well. They’re a veteran marketing and branding firm that have pivoted into ICO and blockchain marketing as well recently and are doing a lot of custom work for a variety of new and upcoming ICOs.


    Would love to hear thoughts.

  11. Alison Tyler

    They’re based in India. It’s becoming a hub for Crypto/ICO marketing. And there’s no one currently on the list from the country. Would be good to provide the option.

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