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Blockchain 2015: Strategic Analysis in Financial Services Slides Deck

I couldn’t end the year without a mega deck on what has happened to the Blockchain in Financial Services, given my involvement in that industry. So, over the past 2 weeks, I put together this 67-slide deck that talks about what I’m seeing, and what I’m predicting for 2016.

This isn’t a survey of the marketplace that re-hashes known data points. Rather, it contains insights and strategic thoughts.

It covers:

  1. A perspective on how FinTech started and linking that to the blockchain’s advent: were banks ready?
  2. Outcomes for banking: positive or negative?
  3. What is the Blockchain? (in simple, business language) – in 1 slide
  4. Startups and Banks: what kind of relationship? (and some humor in the mix)
  5. Themes that emerged in 2015 (blockchain vs. bitcoin, integrations, consortia, capital markets, valuations)
  6. Sector Analysis: Applications and Solutions, Middleware and Services, Infrastructure and Protocols.
  7. What should banks do? Challenges, Opportunities, Recommendations.
  8. 2016 Predictions


So, here are the Slides, or go straight to the Slideshare page for an improved experience by clicking here.
Or, if you prefer, you can Download a PDF.


  1. kenberger

    There are some excellent nuggets in here. Thanks.

  2. Lucose Eralil

    Excellent article, thanks!